Mischief Brew - “O, Pennsyltucky!” official video! You can stream and download the new single at www.mischiefbrew.bandcamp.com, or buy the physical cassingle (limited to 300 tapes) at www.fistolorecords.bigcartel.com.


Kettle Rebellion LP available April Fools’ Day!

We’ve been teasing a limited vinyl release, and here it is: 12 years after its recording, the “Kettle Rebellion” album will finally see the light of day! Kettle Rebellion was the first full-band incarnation of Mischief Brew in 2001, playing only five shows under the name. Eight songs were recorded but never mastered or released. Two years later, the mixes were stolen from Erik and Denise’s house and put on Soulseek, with invented/incorrect song titles. Word spread of a “rare Mischief Brew recording” on messageboards. We suddenly realized, in horror, why so many kids were requesting songs that we didn’t know the names of. Punx: do not steal from punx! Anyway, upon recently discovering that only parts of adequate mixes existed and were deteriorating, we seized the opportunity and mastered it. We even put the original intended insert back together (rubber cement does NOT hold up in the longrun, FYI), and are using it. The record will be available April 1st from our webstore on oxblood vinyl limited to 250 copies, so snatch one up! A CD version will be released in the UK/Europe through Scottish label Different Circle Records. Meanwhile, it will be available worldwide through digital stores and through the MB Bandcamp page. So excited to finally have this out!

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